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Everybody! Break your mold!

"There is a famous formula...It appeals equally to the mystic, the scientist, the philosopher, and the mathematician."
E. Kasner and J. Newman, 'Mathematics and the Imagination' (1940)

e to the pi image i +1=0
The constants represent four major branches of classical mathematics:

Arithmetic -1 and 0
Algebra - i
Geometry - pi symbol
Analysis - e
As well as the three most important mathematical operations-addition, multiplication and exponentiation.

Welcome to A Future History

Relating to the Universe as an orderly whole while discovering the past with today's evidence,
the Cosmic Archaeologist digs ideas from imagination of the past toward knowledge of the future.
The Future is coming.

The Future History Podcasts are written and narrated by Owtnedlaw - The Cosmic Archaeologist.

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The Resources page contains resources such as charts, graphs, and research material.

The Future History Blog contains the latest information regarding current research, appearances, and other updates that Owtnedlaw is working on. There are also philosophical and spiritual quotes posted as well.

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Latest News:

Owtnedlaw presented the lecture titled "Gun's God" on July 18th at the Dallas College of Complexes. This addressed 2nd Amendment issues regarding property rights and the rights of gun owners. This lecture was recorded live and will be posted as soon as the editing process is complete.

Recent News:

Owtnedlaw recently presented the topic "The Abortion Precipice", a philosophical review of a male's perspective on an exclusively female issue. Historical, epistemological, and social dynamics were offered and discussed. "A woman stands on the edge and decides.", on Sat. March 28th at the Dallas College of Complexes.
We recorded the lecture and is posted on this website.
Research materials used in the lecture arel also available for use.

Owtnedlaw recently presented the topic: "What is Our Best Path to a Sustainable Energy Future?" at the Dallas Campus of the College of Complexes on March 7th.

He discussed how the "Greens" may not be the way to go to produce energy.  Although the environmentalists are well intentioned, better antidotes to our energy problems may already exist in today's energy industry.  Who will control the future of energy and what are the real sustainable solutions to our energy problems?

UPDATE: We have finished editing the recordings of the lecture presented by Owtnedlaw on Energy, March 7th. The first two parts are the actual lecture presented by Owtnedlaw with the third part being excerpts from the audience Q&A segment.

UPDATE: We have posted photos of the lecture that also include attendees and those that spoke during the Question and Answer segment of the program..

UPDATE: If you would like to view some of the research material presented click here. There are four charts displayed that were part of the presention by Owtnedlaw.


Podcast Update:

We have finished recording Episode IX - "Behavioral Cybernetic Unification" and is available for listening on the Podcasts page. There will be resource charts available on the Resource Page to aid your own research.

If you would like us to email you with Podcast information and updates, please contact us.

We are currently overhauling the Products page and will soon have CDs with Episodes 1-8 and transcripts available for sale through this site. We will CDs available at the lecture at the College of Complexes on Mar 28th.

If you have questions or comments regarding future episodes, please contact Owtnedlaw




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